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DattaFabric is a Business Intelligence, Data & AI implementation services company.

With 23 years of experience and 100+ engineers, we focus on design and develop technology solutions to satisfy the decisión making and process automation needs at complex organizations.

DattaFabric is a IGerencia´s subsidiary* 




+23 years of experience

100+ Data, Analytics & AI Engineers
Data Scientis, Consultants​

100+ Data, Analytics & AI Engineers, Data Scientis, Consultants​

20+ Customers rely every year in top-talent, cost effective, nearshore people from our teams​

​10+ Frameworks to speed up the development of projects (PanelBI, Payara.ai among others)

Microsoft Azure Data Platform, Data Lake Storage, Data Factory, Event Hub, Stream Analytics, Synapse Analytics, Machine Learning, Analysis Services, Databricks, Delta Tables, Spark, Python, SQL, Scala, PowerBI, Microsoft PowerPlatform, PowerAgent, PowerApp, PowerAutomate, Cognitive Services.​

We have fun playing with technologies as


Years of experience, challenges and successful projects have led us to be experts and the best in five Industries.

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